Development of alternative energy with Apple devices and applications

It is no secret that large corporations can influence the world more than individual super-Power governments can. The fact is that corporations have much more resources, including money. As a rule, the influence of corporations has been viewed in a negative way.

The reason for this is regular statistics, according to which large companies lobbied their interests, and this often led to serious pollution of the environment and increased risks to the health or lives of employees and consumers.

However, in the 21st century, large corporations are trying to change this trend. They are putting a lot of effort into becoming greener firms. Apple is a very good example in this area. That is why those users who buy electronics or use software for iPhones, iPad or Mac, are involved in changing the world for the better too.

Apple tasks

Often people use electronics or software and do not think about what is behind it. Indeed, if users want to install StrymTV to watch videos, then they are often only interested in where the iOS app download will be the easiest and most convenient.

The thing is, the average person is usually so busy with chores that they simply don’t have time to do other things. By the way, if previously applications for Apple devices were downloaded mainly from the App Store, today you will be able to make free iPad applications download from various interesting sites. So some revolution happened.


But the global goal of Apple is respected. The fact is that this corporation seeks to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Steve Jobs’ company has made impressive investments in wind turbines in Denmark and has initiated a clean energy transition in Germany to achieve this.

Methods for carbon neutrality achieving

Third-world countries continue to cling to the land’s coal, gas and oil. Meanwhile, developed countries are switching to alternative energy sources. Many people have long noticed the emergence of this trend. Its clear sign is a large sale of shares of oil producing and refining companies in 2008. Then, all the influential global funds and investors came out of the field of carbon and started investing in companies in the field of alternative energy.

This event could take place after many of the alternative energy options proved their worth. So it’s no surprise that Apple is now building two of the world’s largest wind turbines. The amount of clean energy that will be produced will help this company to become carbon neutral.

Construction of wind turbines will begin near Esbjerg soon. According to the plan, in the first year, such a station will give 63 GWh/s. That’s more than enough to meet the energy needs of 20,000 households. In addition, the plant will be converted into an experimental site for heavy-duty offshore wind turbines.

The energy produced is to run the largest data centre owned by Apple and located in Viborg. The surplus electricity will be redirected to the Danish State power grid.

Apple Vice President Lisa Jackson commented on the construction of the power plant. She said that combating climate change required urgent and radical action, as well as global cooperation among all Governments and corporations. The main challenge is whether modern people from different countries can reach an understanding of this issue.