Rare alternative energy sources for household purposes

The search for alternative energy sources has become a trend of the 21st century. They are gradually replacing the traditional options, whose use is a threat to humanity and has a negative impact on the environment. Considered below options for obtaining alternative energy differ in scale.

Thanks to some, it will be possible at most to ensure the operation of only LED light bulbs. Others can power several household appliances. With their help, it is already possible to turn on the PC, run the Smart Steam Emu and play with friends via Steam.

Or, you can check your camera in the field if you download Eos Info, a special software for analyzing the condition of Canon photo equipment. This will simplify the life of photographers who work at outdoor events, where there is not always a stable source of electricity.

If we continue to fantasize, with the help of simple sources of alternative energy, you can run USB Endoscope camera software when you need to explore some hard-to-reach technical cavity. In general, as you can see, the areas of life where alternative electrical energy would come in handy are represented quite widely.

download Eos Info
EOSInfo – Windows program

Innovative sources of alternative energy

  1. Soccer ball. Harvard graduates have developed a design for a very unusual soccer ball. Soccer players don’t just use it to entertain and amuse their spectators, they also accumulate electrical energy. It is implemented quite simply. There is a tiny mechanism inside the ball that resembles a pendulum. When players hit the ball, it transmits kinetic energy to the ball, which the pendulum sends to the generator. This is responsible for generating electrical energy, which is stored in a rechargeable battery. Its capacity is not very large, but in order to ensure the operation of table lamps with LED, the stock is enough.
  2. Human heat. The idea is not new because the principle of development and application of thermoelectric generators, functioning on the temperature difference, was discovered quite a long time ago. However, the use of human body heat as a source of energy became practiced only a couple of years ago. And the first generator of this type was designed at the Korean Institute KAIST. This device enables an ordinary fitness bracelet to get a charge from the heat of human hands. So now, while exercising, during which the body temperature rises and begins to contrast with the air temperature, it is possible to generate electrical energy to recharge the device itself. The same technology was used by Ann Makosinski to make a flashlight that delights in a bright beam of light and eliminates dependence on batteries.
  3. Turnstiles in public places. This technology has already gone from development to implementation. And similar turnstiles now stand in several high-rise buildings, shopping malls, and even at railway stations in the Netherlands, Japan, and China. The principle of these turnstiles is very simple. When people apply force to turn the revolving doors, it is transmitted to a generator, which generates electricity and stores it for later use.
Energy sources

Other interesting alternative sources of energy production are biofuel, which is produced from algae, lying policemen, under which there is a generating road ramp, the hidden power of volcanoes, etc.