information technologies in the field of marketing

Information technology and marketing

Modern society is developing in contact with the world of information technology. They have been introduced into almost all fields of human activity. Today, their application has become a popular vector of development in society. Information technology improves the population’s quality of life, enhances the competitiveness of a country’s economy, and helps it reach the global level.

Effective marketing is one of the most relevant issues that businesses are trying to solve. The use of information and communication technologies in the workplace affects the impact of marketing work. In this article, we would like to tell you about the general features of information technology marketing.

Marketing vs information technology and their correlation

Specialists use information technologies in marketing activities in two different directions. First of all, that is the introduction of e-commerce and entrepreneurship into the practical activities of enterprises. Traditional marketing techniques are evolving and taking new forms.

Within the limits of practical activity, implementing information technology in marketing looks like specialists use some marketing information systems in the workplace or in the coordination of the work team.

In addition, it is typical to use marketing information resources, increasing the level of information at enterprises and developing virtual space to implement marketing work. Also, the introduction of innovations in e-commerce and the work of specialists in the security of marketing information systems in enterprises is no exception, too.

marketing information system
Marketing information system

Thanks to modern software development methods, specialists began creating the latest marketing technologies. Each of them helps marketers perform their job correctly and automatically. Information technology is vital for different marketing functions. We invite you to look at the most important ones:

  • planning of events at the enterprise;
  • promotion of goods and services;
  • monitoring of work performance;
  • assessment of the competitiveness of an enterprise in a particular market sector.

Examples of marketing information technology

We would like to show you some examples of marketing information technology. Each helps professionals implement methods and approaches in analyzing economic and marketing information:

  1. First of all, these are spreadsheets. Specialists develop them to obtain valuable information from all the data the enterprise has accumulated during the development and production activities. This equipment helps marketers to analyze the results of a company’s activities in an automated manner.
  2. Integrated Information Systems. These technologies are helpful for such professional activity processes as analytics and marketing labor forecasting. If not for them, the analytic activity of the marketer would be much more complex. Thanks to these programs, marketers conduct mass surveys or questionnaires of employees and consumers. Also, they can segment the market, position the brand, monitor prices, implement other marketing tasks, and solve issues.


Marketing information technology and systems help professionals improve their work efficiency. If not for them, enterprises would be more complex and inefficient. For example, marketing technologies are created to automate labor and IT in the workplace. Today, they help marketers transform it into a form that is more suited to analytics and planning.